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A powerful Galactic Empire—devastated by a mysterious plague—lost in antiquity.


Terran Colonists—fleeing an Earth void of life and a hostile alien aggressor.


Two young Terran Rangers/Explorers and their psychically bonded, genetically enhanced Panther teammates, are marooned on an unexplored planet when their ship is attacked.  Injured and cutoff from the Terran Colonies and any hope of rescue, Jar'ek must save his friend and shipmate, Kallehn from imminent death.  The Ranger team will need to use every bit of knowledge and skill they possess if they want to survive.


At this moment, Jar'ek can't see ANY future for them… can he keep Kallehn alive?  Can the X'Ah-Panthers find shelter—water—food?  He, too, is badly injured from the cataclysmic explosion of the Ship.  Vertigo, nausea, inability to focus, all confirmed the medic-pack AI's diagnosis—head injury—he had to stay conscious…. If he fails—they will both die, here—alone.  Is he strong enough? 


Unknown to the Ranger Team, this Planet is not as uninhabited as their surveys had indicated.  Something else is there…. Something old beyond counting—watching—waiting—judging them.  When Jar'ek and his team set foot on Jaden-325-4, they set into motion a future they know nothing about—yet may shake the very foundations of civilization.  


The Alien lifeform that had silently laid wait on this planet for millennia readied itself.  If Jar'ek was judged worthy, he might still live.  If he were judged unworthy….he would be left to die.    But Jar'ek would have little choice in his future, or that of his Team.  The Alien SEED was not going to take NO for an answer….It had plans for one of the humans.  And it would destroy anything that got in its way.


This book rated PG-13

Mild Profanity

Extensive Violence

Mild Sexual Content

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